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I love drawing.
I have been drawing since I was a kid - one of my first gifts I got to choose for a birthday was a tiny desk made for drawing, when I was about three years old. In my teens, I got really into animation and comics, and this helped me keep drawing.

Unfortunately, I lost touch with illustrating while I was in college. I spent a good five years without touching a pen to illustrate. During the Covid-19 pandemic, I desperately felt like I needed a new creative outlet and somehow I got into drawing again! I have been taking many online courses to try new styles in digital painting, which is my favorite type of illustration right now. I do not work with this professionally, but I'm very happy about the growth I have undergone! I hope you enjoy it too!
A4 Portrait.png
These are some illustrations I made on Photoshop (using my notebook) and on Autodesk Sketchbook (on my Samsung Tablet). Most of them were done while I practiced new skills I was learning in several online courses I took between 2020 and 2021. I've taken online courses mostly on Domestika but I learned a lot taking all the classes of Paintable CC!
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