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My name is Juliana and I love product.

I was born in 1991 and I was super lucky to have access to my first computer at the age of 6 years old.

I grew up making my own blogs, obsessed with creating cool layouts and even teaching myself on how to use photoshop when I was just 13 years old.

I also loved to draw and create since I was very small - so it's no surprise I ended being a designer when I grew up. I worked for a while with
graphic design, social media and marketing, but I still missed something.

I am an Senior Product Designer based in Amsterdam.

I wanted to study and learn more about the people I was designing for.

I love studying and most of all, I love understanding the human behaviour. That's why, once I started working with Product Design, everything clicked. I could design based on researching about how people behave and how they interact with digital products .

Since realizing that, I have been working as a Product Designer for the past 6 years. I was lucky enough to work mostly on startups that are extremely focused on research and data, which has been an incredible experience for me.

I currently hold two different degrees (a Fine Arts B.A. and an Associate Degree in Multimedia Production) and two specializations (in User experience and in Anthropology). Currently I have been reading a lot on psychoanalysis! 

get in touch with me

You can talk to me through my e-mail ( or my Linkedin. :)
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