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Hello, I'm Juliana.  I research, co-create, prototype, test, design, deliver and measure.

I am a Senior Product Designer from Brazil, based in Amsterdam.
These past six years I've been working with startups and big companies in order to craft experiences in order to make people's life easier.

My main areas of interest are product, research, anthropology,  design and illustration. I've built successful products from scratch and also learned to be a data enthusiast on the way!

some of my best cases are here

I've worked on many cases in my life  - from redesigning famous apps to creating apps from zero. I selected some of my most challenging and favorite projects to present here. If you wish to see my design work focused on graphic and UI Design, you can check out my Behance!

I'm so happy to present you some of my favorite projects!

Building an app from scratch

I had the amazing opportunity of being the first UX Designer at Otto, and there was no product at all when I first got there.

In one year and a half, we built a complex product: we have an app, B2B tool and desktop version. Nowadays, we have many users and costumers. I'm very proud of this project!

2019 (Ongoing) - Otto / Lead UX Designer

#UX #Prototype #Wireframe #UserTesting #DesignSprint #Research

Increasing the hiring of services through the Triider app

2018 - Triider / Lead UX Designer

#UX #UI #Prototype #Wireframe #UserTesting #DesignSprint

So many costumers gave up on hiring a service through Triider's  mobile app. We had no idea why, but this case will show you our discoveries and how we went from a 21% conversion to a 47% conversion in less than two months.

Improving driver's registration funnel for Beat

I worked at Beat, a ride hailing app with over 25 million active users. These are some of the things we did the improve the conversion in the driver registration funnel.

2022 - Beat / Senior Product Designer

#UI #Prototype #Wireframe

You can check all of the cases on my portfolio here.


I also love illustration

Though I don't do it professionally, I think it's cool to show you a little bit of what I create on my free time!
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